Hey, Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Curious ’bout What We Got?

So you wanna know more about our stuff? Just holler at our customer service pals. They’re super chatty and know our products like the back of their hand. Oh, and check out our Contact Us page.

Shipping Across the Globe, Really? You betcha! We send goodies all over the planet. And guess what? It’s totally free – no strings attached. How cool is that?

When’s My Goodie Bag Arriving?

We’re quick off the mark once you order. Give us a bit, like 1-3 days, to pack up your stuff. We ship from all over – USA, France, China, you name it. Usually takes ’round 10-20 days to get to ya. Wanna know more? Ping us at INFO@resultedu.com.

Part of Your Order Playing Hide and Seek?

Our stuff ships from different spots, so they might rock up at different times. Missing something? Email us your name and order number, and we’ll track it down.

Customs Fees Giving You the Heebie-Jeebies?

Chillax, we’ve got it covered. If you get slapped with any fees, just flick us a copy of the invoice, and we’ll sort it.

Need it Quick for a Special Day?

Heads up – if you’re eyeing a gift for a holiday or something, order way ahead. We can’t pinky promise it’ll get there in time, so better safe than sorry, right?

First Time Here? Let’s Go Shopping!

Welcome to the club! Just throw whatever you like in your cart and breeze through our checkout. Next time you drop by, it’ll be a piece of cake – we save your info to make things snappy.

What’s With the Price Tags?

Everything’s in good ol’ USD. Keepin’ it simple for ya.

Ordered Something? When’s It Zooming Your Way?

We’re all about speed. Your order should be out the door in 4-7 days. You’ll get a tracking thingy in about 3-5 days after it ships. No number after a week? Buzz us at INFO@resultedu.com.

Not Feeling the Love With Your Order?

Hey, it happens. If it’s not your cup of tea or something’s wonky, we’ve got a no-fuss 100% money-back guarantee. Zip it back to us within 30 days, and we’ll refund ya. Don’t forget to slap your name and order number on it.

Wanna Cancel? No Biggie. Changed your mind? No sweat. You can cancel any time before it ships. If it’s already on its way, our returns are easy-peasy.

Whoops, Wrong Address?

Totally fine, happens to the best of us! Caught a typo? Buzz back on your order confirmation email, stat. We can fix it if you’re quick (like, within 24 hours quick).

Got More Q’s?

We’re here for ya! Shoot an email to INFO@resultedu.com for anything else you’re wondering. Tip: Mention your order number to speed things up!