What’s the Deal with Your Privacy on Our Site?

Hey there, shopper! Welcome to resultedu.com. You’re probably here to snag some cool stuff, but first, let’s gab about your privacy. We get it, privacy policies can be a snooze-fest, but we promise to keep it light and easy to get.

The Nitty-Gritty on What Info We Collect

So, you’re browsing around, and our site’s doing its thing, gathering bits and bobs about your device. This includes the usual suspects – your web browser type, IP address, what time zone you’re in, and a peek at some cookies. Yup, not the yummy kind, but the digital ones that help our site remember you.

As you clickety-click through our site, we keep an eye on the stuff you’re eyeballing, what brought you here, and how you’re interacting with everything. Let’s just call all this data “Device Information”.

Now, how do we grab this info?

  • Those Cookies: Little digital crumbs that hang out on your device. They’re kinda like your site’s sidekick, remembering stuff for you.
  • Log Files: These are like our site’s diary, jotting down what happens, when, and where (like your IP address, browser type, and how you hop in and out of our site).
  • Web Beacons, Tags, Pixels: These are our digital detectives, keeping tabs on how you browse around.

And hey, if you decide to treat yourself and buy something, we also snag your name, billing and shipping address, payment deets (including credit card numbers, yup), email address, and phone number. This is our “Order Information”.

So, when we talk about “Personal Information” here, we mean both your Device Information and Order Information.

Using Your Info – The Why and How

Your Order Information? We use it to get your purchases to you (think processing payments, shipping, and sending confirmations). We also use it to chat with you, check for sneaky risks or fraud, and, if you’re cool with it, send you updates or ads about our stuff.

The Device Information helps us look out for potential risks and fraud (especially eyeballing your IP address), and just make our site better and more your style (like figuring out how you and others browse, and how our ads and marketing are doing).

Sharing is Caring (Sometimes)

We do share your Personal Information with third parties that help us use it, like described above. One example? We use Google Analytics to understand how you use our site. You can read more about how Google uses your info. Wanna skip Google Analytics.

Also, we might need to share your info to follow laws and regulations, respond to legal stuff, or protect our rights.

Ads That Get You

We use your Personal Information to show you ads we think you’ll dig. To get the lowdown on how targeted advertising works, check out.

Not into targeted ads? No problem. You can opt out at these spots:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Bing

You can also say ‘no thanks’ to some ad services.

The ‘Do Not Track’ Deal

Just so you know, we don’t change how we collect and use data when we see a Do Not Track signal from your browser.

Your Rights (Especially If You’re in Europe)

If you’re hanging out in Europe, you can ask to see the personal info we have on you, and even tell us to update or delete it. Wanna do that? Just hit us up at info@resultedu.com.

We process your info to fulfill orders or for other legit business reasons. And yep, your info might take a trip outside Europe, including to Canada and the United States.

How Long We Keep Your Info

When you buy something, we’ll hold onto your Order Information in our records until you tell us to kick it to the curb.

Heads Up on Changes

We might tweak this policy from time to time, usually to keep up with new practices, legal stuff, or other reasons.

For the Young’uns

Just a heads up, our site isn’t for the little ones under the age of [13].

Get in Touch

Wanna chat about our privacy practices, got questions, or need to vent? We’re here for it. Shoot us