Hey, we get it – sometimes things just don’t work out. And that’s okay! If it’s been a month (30 days to be exact) since you got your stuff and it’s not quite what you wanted, we’re here to help sort it out.

For Returns

Alright, here’s the deal: to send something back, make sure it’s not used and still in the shape you got it in (we mean mint condition). Oh, and don’t forget it needs to be in its original packaging too.

There are a few things we can’t take back, though. Stuff like perishable items (think food or flowers), magazines, anything you’d wear a bit too close for comfort (intimate goods, you know?), dangerous goods (flammable stuff, chemicals – the risky business), and some personal care items.

Also, there’s a no-go on returning things like gift cards, downloadable software, and certain health items.

And remember, we need proof you bought the item from us, so hang onto that receipt or proof of purchase.

Where Not to Send Returns

Please, don’t send the items back to the manufacturer. It’s like sending a postcard to the wrong address – not super helpful.

Partial Refunds: Sometimes It Happens

In a few cases, we might give you back just part of what you paid. This happens if:

A book comes back looking like it went on an adventure.
Opened CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, software, video games, cassette tapes, or vinyl records (yeah, we’re retro like that).
Anything not in its newbie condition, is damaged, or missing bits and bobs not because of something we did.
Items that take a leisurely stroll back to us after more than a month.
Refunds: The Inside Scoop

Once we get your return and give it the once-over, we’ll let you know we’ve got it and whether your refund is a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

This could take a bit of time to show up, so hang tight.

Missing Refunds: Don’t Panic

No sign of your refund yet? First, check your bank account again (just to be sure). Next, have a chat with your credit card company – it might take a while before your refund shows up as official.

Then, give your bank. Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay before a refund pops up.

And if you’ve done all that and still no luck, send us a message at, and we’ll dive in to help.

Sale Items: Here’s the Lowdown

Only full-price items can play the refund game, sorry! Sale items don’t qualify.

Exchanges: If It’s Not Quite Right

Got something that’s a bit off – like it’s defective or damaged? We’re on it. We’ll swap it for a new one.

Gifts: Spread the Joy

Received a gift sent directly to you? You’ll get a gift credit for the same value as the return. Once we get the item back, we’ll send a gift certificate your way.

If the gift wasn’t marked as a gift when bought, or the person who gifted it shipped it to themselves to give to you later, we’ll refund the gift-giver (and they’ll find out about your return).

Shipping Your Return: Here’s How

Ready to send something back? Shoot us an email first at, and we’ll tell you where to send your return.

Remember, the cost of sending it back is on you – shipping costs aren’t part of the refund. And if you do get a refund, we’ll need to take the cost of the return shipping out of it.

If you’re returning something worth more than 75 bucks, think about using a trackable shipping service or getting shipping insurance. We can’t promise we’ll get your returned item without it.