Hey there, world travelers! We’re super thrilled to let you know that our shipping magic reaches over 200 countries and islands globally. Bringing smiles and awesome products to you is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We’re always looking to expand our horizons, aiming to dazzle you with our service, no matter where you are on this big blue marble.

So, How Do We Ship Your Stuff?

Our goodies make their journey to you from various corners of the world – from warehouses in China, the USA, UK, Canada, France, and Spain. Depending on what you’ve ordered (you know, size and weight stuff), we’ll use ePacket or EMS to get it to you. If your order’s coming from our US warehouse, then USPS is our go-to carrier.

Worldwide Shipping? You Bet!

Absolutely, we ship all over the place, and guess what? It’s free! But hey, there are a few spots we can’t reach just yet. If you’re in one of those rare places, we’ll give you a shout.

Customs – What’s the Deal?

Alright, here’s the thing about customs fees: once your order’s out the door and on its way, those fees are out of our hands. So, if you’re ordering from us, you’re giving the nod that you understand some packages might attract customs fees when they land in your country.

How Long Till You Get Your Goodies?

Alright, let’s talk timing. Depending on where you call home, here’s how long it usually takes:

  • United States: Expect your cool stuff in around 10-20 business days.
  • Canada, Europe: Same deal, 10-20 business days.
  • Australia, New Zealand: Hang tight for about 10-30 business days.
  • Mexico, Central America, South America: It’s a bit of a wait, around 15-30 business days.

Remember, this doesn’t include the time we take to get your order ready (about a day or three).

Tracking Your Order

Of course, you’ll get tracking info! Once your order’s on its way, we’ll email you the details. If you’re left hanging without tracking info after 5 days, just ping us.

“No Info Available” on Your Tracking?

Don’t fret! Some shipping companies take a couple of days, like 2-5, to get the tracking info into their system. If it’s been over 5 days and you’re still seeing zilch, drop us a line at Info@resultedu.com.

Items Traveling Separately?

Sometimes, for all sorts of logistical wizardry, different items from the same order might take separate trips to get to you. Even if you asked for them to travel together, they might go solo – just how the cookie crumbles sometimes!

Questions? Just Holler!

Got more burning questions? We’re all ears and ready to help! Reach out at Info@resultedu.com, and we’ll jump in to assist.